2011. június 16., csütörtök

reflekt studio

Reflekt Studio - Social architecture
I believe that architecture today needs to reflect on the task and possibilities which are inherently its own. Architecture is not a vehicle or a symbol for things that do not belong to its essence.
(Peter Zumthor: Thinking of architecture- Resistance)
Reflekt Studio is a non-profit organization, founded by two architects. One of the principles is to relay an approach which highlighted the coherence between the social development and the architectural intervention. The researches of the Studio is about the social/rural architecture, how the form and the function of the places determinate the life of the local community.
The Studio engaged in the role of the architecture within the society.
Using up the existing experiences of architecture, sociology, complex project of urban and rural development is essential.
But the key role in the practice of Reflekt Studio is the practice itself. One of the main goals is to integrate the social and complex viewpoint into the architectural education, through working together with students, residents and through the achievement of building in rural area. The fellows of the partners office (UI Architects) are present workshops at the Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University.

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